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Asif Akhtar.

Software Engineer. A self-taught developer with an interest in Computer Science.

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Currently specializing in Front-end Development.

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Hey! I'm Asif Akhtar, I've been close to computers since an early age, and been passionate about it ever since.

I really liked to build stuff using no-code tools back in 2016, and from that, I explored how to code myself, fast-forward to today, I do programming in various languages and technologies. I'm interested in building something awesome with code and automate tasks with code, currently focused on Web & Mobile Development, Open Source.

When I'm not coding you will always find me with nature. Sometime I watch some show on Netflix, or if the weather's good, I do travel and explore neearby places! 🌴

Asif Akhtar

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Here's some of my projects that I have worked on.

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Omnifood is a smart healthy meal delivery company. They provide healthy meal on a subscription basis.

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It is an offline multiplayer Dice Game. First one to reach 100 score will be the winner. If the dice gives 1 as result, the score of the player will be lost and the other player will get his turn.

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It is a basic weather app which shows city's temperature along with lowest and highest temperature.

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Software Architecture Evolution

April 1 2023 2 min read

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Currently specializing in Full Stack Web Development.
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